When I asked my mother once “What is the best thing did you do in your life?, She answered: “I was keen to pushed you and your sister to complete your high education.”, thereafter I realized that my role in life does not stop at my high education, I should complete my way to achieve my own targets and ambitions, and share my little experience with another women in Palestine to raise awareness in that women just not for marriage or birth or domestic work, indeed, they have very important roles in life.

My mother didn’t have a full education, but she has aware innately that she want her daughters’ to live a good life, and carry a massage that women have ability and power, skills to hold on and keep moving forward to get their humanitarian rights. My mother is a strong and powerful, fighter against absence of her husband.

Since Palestinian society based on patriarchy system and depend on agriculture as a main source of income; the parents (Mother, Father) must save money to teach their children and see them the best one. Therefore, the statistics indicates to 44.8% of youth between (15-29)age are enrolled in schools and universities.

After my graduation I kept on looking for a good job and still, I didn’t give up my dreams to be what I want, while I see many girls gave up their goals, and what makes me sad is that their rights are exploited by shop owners, companies’ manger. For example, I see a friend who works in a clothing shop, so she gets up always early, preparing herself for a long day from 8 o’clock in morning till 8 o’clock in evening, and she work all week with just one day off, shop owner forces them to sell a lot of goods each day and he can easily collect a lot of many, whereas  pay to them 30$ per day. medium

Through my staying in France, I have entered some clothing shops and noted the girls who work in the shops, they were listening to music, they are spirited, active, and greet customers in a high voice with a nice smile, while the Palestinian girls are forced to listen to Quran all day in many shops, and they can’t take enough rest or break to have their lunch, especially in fast month and Al-Eid period. In addition, these girls are vulnerable to sexual harassment and are stolen their financial compensation.

This article makes me totally conscious one when I return to my country I will discuss this issue with human rights organization and women rights foundations to held an awareness workshops includes these girls to raise their aware in their official rights.